the oscillating GM debate: when will it get anywhere?

My post was originally published by the Genetic Literacy Project, under the title: “Grist vs. GM Watch: Is there a middle in the GM debate?” (9.27.2013).

An excerpt: 

GM Watch, a well-known anti-GMO website, has critically responded to Nathanael Johnson’s efforts to find the middle ground in the GMO debate. In a scathing critique, managing editor Claire Robinson contends that Johnson, a food writer for Grist who, in an ongoing series of articles over the past two months has taken a fresh look at the GMO controversy, is “falling for Pro-GM spin” in his series.

Robinson is also the founding editor of GMOSeralini—a website promoting the research of French scientist Gilles-Erich Seralini, whose study claiming that rats fed GMO corn suffered unique damage has since been eviscerated by mainstream science—and is a key director of London-based earthopensource, an anti-GMO lobby group.

Grist is an enormously influential information source for activists and progressives, many of whom are reflexively anti-GMO. Robinson openly fretted that Johnson is “in a position to pass on his slanted information to Grist’s readers as the careful conclusions of an even-handed investigator.” She is clearly concerned about Johnson’s newly found voice in the GMO debate, and is working to discredit him.

Read the full, original story here

(Photo credit: Shutterstock via Grist)

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