believe in better [animal welfare]™

As a colleague and I wrote back in 2015, “Believe in better.” Better nutrition. Better health. Better taste. Better farming practices. Better land use. Better cow care. Better milk. Coca-Cola’s new dairy product, Fairlife, brings with it these great promises, hoping to fill a perceived void in a market of consumers increasingly interested in healthy... Continue Reading →

On eating pesticides and communicating safety

I just need to quickly vent: Conversations around the safety of pesticides are really complicated. Science communication often unintentionally oversimplifies and overstates these claims, opening space for more misunderstanding and distrust. When the court decision in the Pilliot v. Monsanto case came down last week, the jury ultimately chose not to trust Monsanto’s (now Bayer)... Continue Reading →

Connecting agriculture & #BlackLivesMatter

Almost exactly 3 years ago, I was enthralled by the coverage of the George Zimmerman trial. Not because I was outraged that an unarmed black kid was shot, but because I couldn't understand why people weren't accepting that the law as written requires a higher burden of proof than that which the prosecution was able... Continue Reading →

The American Chestnut Tree: A case study

In January, I had the opportunity to participate in the National Academies' Public Interfaces of the Life Sciences workshop, "When Science and Citizens Connect: Public Engagement on Genetically Modified Organisms." I served as a case presenter for the breakout discussion sessions on the second day, where I presented the case of the American Chestnut Tree.... Continue Reading →

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