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As a colleague and I wrote back in 2015, “Believe in better.” Better nutrition. Better health. Better taste. Better farming practices. Better land use. Better cow care. Better milk. Coca-Cola’s new dairy product, Fairlife, brings with it these great promises, hoping to fill a perceived void in a market of consumers increasingly interested in healthy… Continue Reading →

Connecting agriculture & #BlackLivesMatter

Almost exactly 3 years ago, I was enthralled by the coverage of the George Zimmerman trial. Not because I was outraged that an unarmed black kid was shot, but because I couldn’t understand why people weren’t accepting that the law as written requires a higher burden of proof than that which the prosecution was able… Continue Reading →

Redefining our dangerous use of “pro-” and “anti-” GMO

After watching the National Research Council’s recent webinar on Social Science Research on GE Crop Adoption and Acceptance, I am quite puzzled and disappointed by the high degree of criticism it received in the Genetic Literacy Project’s follow-up feature story, “Anti-GMO sociologists mute attacks on biotech, urge greater sensitivity to cultural impacts” on February 6. If… Continue Reading →

A challenge: Breaking out of the GMO echo chamber

I forever believed that there existed two types of people: Those who were anti-science, and those who advocated for GMOs as a necessary food production tool. I was a happy member of the pro-GMO camp, and saw educating the public as a means of solving this “debate.” But, transitioning from an undergraduate agriculture program into… Continue Reading →

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