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Workshop brings together plant biologists & science communicators, ASPB (pg. 11) — 9.2015
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Center for Food Safety urges FDA to exclude GMOs from ‘natural’, Genetic Literacy Project— 11.12.2013
“Drive to Feed” is fighting hunger with knowledge, National FFA— 11.1.2013
From 1 million to 9 billion: FFA members are feeding the world, National FFA — 11.1.2013
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, Cornell Chronicle — 7.23.2013
New book reconsiders legal definition of corruption
, Cornell Chronicle — 7.17.2013 
Social media to help farmers deal with climate change
, Cornell Chronicle — 7.11.2013
India 2013: ReflectionBiofortified — 7.5.2013
Milking the System: India Days 5 & 6Biofortified — 7.3.2013
100 years of plant biology is celebrated, Cornell Chronicle — 7.3.2013
High schoolers explore careers at 4-H conference
, Cornell Chronicle — 7.1.2013
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Stephen Hawking for the win
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‘Spirit of ’31’ lives on at Reunion
, Cornell Chronicle — 6.7.2013
Alan Alda: Science shouldn’t be like a blind date for the public
, Cornell Chronicle — 5.23.2013
Student founds sustainable food program, Cornell Chronicle — 4.2.2013
Giving hunger a human face, PeriodiCALS (Page 9) — 3.2013


Wang to succeed Scott as director of Tang Cornell-China Scholars Program, PeriodiCALS — 9.10.12
‘Smart’ pumpkin growing wins contest, boosts scholarships, Cornell Chronicle — 8.24.2012
Psychologists explore differences, outsider behaviors in reading project book
, Cornell Chronicle — 8.20.2012
POST program engages new students in public service for 17th year, Cornell Chronicle — 8.15.2012
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Plantations’ predators, Cornell Chronicle — 8.13.2012
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PopShop helps grow student entrepreneurial ideas, Cornell Chronicle — 7.26.2012
Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann celebrates 75th birthday, Cornell Chronicle — 7.24.2012
Computers not yet able to understand human speech, Cornell Chronicle — 7.23.2012
Appledore Island seal rescued, Cornell Chronicle — 7.19.2012
Cornell Child Care Center staff led effort to create children’s room at Red Cross, Cornell Chronicle — 7.17.2012
Glee Club hits high note in Wales, Cornell Chronicle — 7.17.2012
Barrett Keene walks west, Cornell Chronicle — 7.17.2012
Pilot program aims to cure ‘plant blindness’ among high school students, Cornell Chronicle — 7.11.2012


Maximizing forage quality in bunk silos, Cornell Agronomy Fact Sheet — 7.2011